Cape to Rio Yacht Race Live positions…

and we are back online! the sat track is working again and I have the latest results. As usual the handicap positions are a day delayed.

Updated: 10am 31st January 2011: (click to enlarge)


5 thoughts on “Cape to Rio Yacht Race Live positions…

  1. How can we find a list of all the boats and the position they are in. The map is so tiny impossible to read it.
    Why can’t you simply have a list from 1st to last and then a separate list of the handicap positions, please keep the public informed, nowhere can I find results, it’s a crying shame !!!!!!

    • Hi Shaun,
      If you click on the map you will find that it enlarges to fill the screen. The boats are listed alongside and the colours indicate each vessel’s journey. That said, I hear your point and will as from today, be adding the race positions in a list underneath the map.
      Sadly, I am one of the only sites updating the positions and keeping people up to date. I will try my best to keep you happy and informed.
      Thank you for your support!

  2. AlohaMy Friends,

    My group is planning on doing the Cap/Rio reace in 2014, do you have the complet sailing track of the last race? Know of a sorce (Books) for planning, shipping gear, weather, and sailing directions?

    • Hello Bill! Apologies for the late reply, as you may have noticed we were offline for some months. We are back now and will do a post specially for you on the questions you asked above! Other than that, come back for more awesome (if we do say so ourselves) content and news. Thank you for your blog love! (please spread the word, we’re so grateful!)

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